What Is The Use Of AMH Level Test?

AMH level test and FSH level test are two important medical assessments done as a part of pre-conception care program. Couples taking treatment for infertility need to have clear picture of their reproductive abilities so as to decide about continuing with the procedure or not. These tests are actually telling various things about a person’s overall reproductive health. While in men, semen production and its quality are very important for becoming a father, a woman, on the other hand, needs having good ovarian reserve to be able to conceive. All this can be found out with the help of AMH level test. Thus, the use of AMH level test lies in:

  • Ascertaining the reproductive age

AMH is produced from the follicles containing mature eggs. The women suffering from PCOS can also show high AMH level, and the increased level is also considered a bright chance of getting success in IVF cycles. Since all women are born with a pre-determined number of eggs, AMH level can be used to determine how many eggs women are left with or what the ovarian reserve size is. The visible symptoms of poor ovarian reserve will be stopping of menstruation in females, in combination with other factors.

  • Predicting fertility in future

Ovarian reserve quality is determined with the help of AMH level test. This reserve also tells about the future fertility picture of a woman. It is a very important information and can help the couples in planning the family. The woman can decide how many kids to have and at what intervals when she knows about the ovarian reserve clearly.

  • Predicting success of fertility treatment

Amongst many other assessments, AMH level test in done to determine how IVF cycles will fare and how many of these cycles may be required to attain pregnancy.

So, AMH level test offers all this info and help couples accomplish their parenting dream. Get this assessment done when you are planning parenthood in near future or are at it.

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