Things You Should Know About Neon Signs

Neon signs are the illuminated billboards, but of smaller size. These signs are quite fascinating. They have an important role to play in a business’s offline marketing and advertising campaign. In fact, these are the merchandise useful in offline advertising. The sign boards can comprise of just logo, a direction indicating figure, the name of the destination and direction, or the brand name. These sign boards are installed on the top of the establishments or on their fronts and also at various points on the roadsides. But, do you think you know everything about the neon signs? Read on to find.

  • Material of the neon signs

The basic material of a neon sign is obviously the neon. What is neon actually? Have you thought about it? It is actually a glass! The neon are basically the glass strands that are hand bent in various sizes and shapes to create structures like pictures of the objects, alphabets, sign images and so on. In the neon manufacturing process, the glass strands are heated over the flame, to start with. While heating, these are filled with air through blowing and the strand is hand bent so that it can acquire various shapes.

The smallest shapes attainable are in the form of letters. These are available in about 35 different colors and measure just about 50-60mm. The other shape is a tubular one and it is available in various diameters measuring 8mm to 20mm, in specified sizes.

The most fascinating fact is that neon is not mass produced. It is made on order and is a handmade product. Thus, when you are using neon signs for advertising purposes, you are actually supporting an art form.

  • Installation rules

Neon signs can be installed at a height reachable by a man’s hand. Thus, there is no machine or cranes required to pick these up for installation. But, one has to refer to the regulations while installing it to avoid any hassles in the future.

The installation of the low voltage neon signs does not require a fireman’s switch. The person responsible for installation can unplug it just like a device. He can also pick it and remove it from the building without adopting any extraordinary measures. The neon signs are run on high voltage supply too, depending upon the level of brightness and their size.  Those running on high voltage requires fireman’s switch. This allows the neon light signages to remain safe and not feel charged if the water is thrown on to them. Thus, these signages continue to illuminate nicely even when these are positioned outdoors in open air. These do not stop and do not require extra measures to operate when installed in rainy areas.

  • Environment-friendliness

Neon tubes are recyclable products. Since the main material is molten and hardened glass cables, the lights can be reduced back to the glass to make newer solutions out of them. Thus, the neon lights when cease to function can be put on recycling procedure. The users of such lights need not do away with the whole structure. Only the non-functional part can be removed, which is then replaced with the identically shaped replacement part. This replaced part can be illuminated using different method. Thus, neon signs are more or less permanent.

  • Power –efficiency

The very first good news is that neon signs are not something that requires frequent replacements. These are actually operational for years and years. The latest statistics show that some of the neon signs are found to be working since 77 years; such is the longevity we are talking about. The other good news is that the neon signs do not use much power. These are found to be more productive and power-efficient than many of the LED counterparts.

  • Chemical structure

The chemical make-up of neon lights is composed of inert gas like neon. This inert gas is fractionally distilled from the air around. Thus, its raw material can rightly be called air.

If these facts have blown your mind, click here to find how you can get neon signs installed in your premises. By doing so, you are going to win you a display material that will be with you always, in literal sense.

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