The Various Types of Breast Augmentation Treatments

There are many women that are less than happy with their breasts; it might be that the person feels their breasts are sagging, or perhaps the breasts are small in proportion to the body, and there are modern surgical procedures that can be used to reshape, enlarge or decrease the breast size.

Inframammary Breast Augmentation

The most popular form of breast augmentation (inframammary) (known as เสริมหน้าอกใต้ราวนม in Thai) involves making an incision along the fold of the breast, where it meets the rib cage, as such an incision would be invisible. The inframammary incision can be very short, around 1.5 inches, as the special silicone implant can be rolled to fit though the opening, and a slightly larger incision for a larger implant. Using the inframammary method, the implant can be placed under or over the breast muscle, depending on your preference, and, of course, the surgeon would make a recommendation.

The Peri-areolar Incision

This involves making an incision at the outer area of the areolar, where the implant can be inserted, and when the implant is in place, the incision is layer stitched, which minimises scarring. This form of breast augmentation is preferred by many women, as the scarring is concealed within the dark areolar region, and if you would like to explore the potential that breast augmentation offers, search online for a reputable plastic surgery clinic and make an appointment to discuss your needs with the resident plastic surgeon.


This type of surgery involves the surgeon making an incision in the armpit, or axillary, and the saline or silicone implant is inserted under or on top of the muscle, depending on your preference and the opinion of the plastic surgeon. This is a popular incision as it is almost invisible (may be slightly noticeable when the arms are raised) and if the implants are of a certain type, the surgeon would more than likely recommend the trans-axillary incision.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

The first step is a Google search that will bring up a list of cosmetic plastic surgery clinics, and after some careful browsing, you can select a clinic that is registered with the Medical Council, and make an initial appointment to see the resident plastic surgeon. The specialist will listen to your needs and after an initial examination, the specialist would make a treatment recommendation that best meets your needs.

Modern treatments are non-invasive and very affordable, and with a top-rated plastic surgeon at the helm, you will be very happy with the outcome.

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