Small Procedures Can Have An Incredible Impact

Plastic surgery has been around for quite a long time, and while it definitely didn’t have the best reputation in the past, times have definitely changed. The procedures that were cone frowned upon are now embraced more than anything else in the world of cosmetic procedures, and that is because they have been perfected due to improvement in technology and the methods that are used.

What are the most popular surgical procedures?

While different clinics usually offer different surgeries, when it comes to Dr Hodgkinson for example, the most popular surgeries that are requested are the ones on the face. The one that definitely has the biggest impact is the facelift surgery, as this procedure is used to restore the young look that the patient had in the past by removing the excess skin and tightening the rest.

However, other surgeries that are of, smaller scales per say, are also quite popular, because even if they are small changes on a certain part of the face, they definitely have the potential to improve one’s looks if they are done really well.


One of the most common procedures on the face, or well, in this case it’s more on the head, is otoplasty. This procedure revolves around reshaping the patient’s ears by making them smaller or thinner, depending on what the patient desires. This is a very good example of how a simple change of one’s ears can have a big impact on the looks, as big ears are usually quite a distraction.

Ear surgery can have great results


Another good example is rhinoplasty, which is a procedure that revolves around reshaping the nose. While this procedure is more popular among women, a lot of men tend to undergo this procedure as well. It is not rare that someone’s nose just doesn’t match the proportion of their face and other facial features, and by reducing its size, the person will simply look much better.

Eyelid surgery

While the effects of a facelift are definitely more noticeable than the eyelid surgery, the effort required for this surgery is much smaller, and it is usually a cheaper option as well. The eyelid surgery Sydney according to Dr Hodgkinson will make you look much younger, and that is because eyes play the biggest role when it comes to displaying one’s age.

People who tend to look tired often look older, and the cause of that look are often eyelids which have sagged due to genetics, aging, or because of some condition. The eyelid surgery will remove that excess skin which gives the older and tired look with ease, and the best part is that the recovery is quite minimal.

Eyelid surgery can have a surprising impact

Final Word

In the world of surgical procedures, there are all kinds of options out there. While not all of them are ideal for everyone, if you happen to be unsatisfied by a certain part of your body, consulting with a surgeon will definitely present you with a solution.

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