Four Tips to Help Climbing Beginners Get Started

If you are like sports lovers, you have probably got hooked to climbing and want some guidance on what to do. Below are some tips that will help you to go about climbing as beginners.

Purchase the Right Gear

When you buy your climbing gear, you save money on rentals. This is a smart decision if you have committed to climbing. However, as a beginner, you may not invest in all pieces of gear yet. This might not be the time to climb outside so do not have to invest hundreds of dollars on some items. Being new to climbing, you might only a pair of climbing shoes, chalk, chalk bag, harness, locking carabiner, belay device, climbing brush, and helmet. The latter items are needed for sport climbing but you can start with bouldering as it is less expensive and more accessible. Also, bouldering is a simpler form of climbing which lets you concentrate on climbing itself instead of the accessories which come with sport climbing. It is important to keep in mind not to purchase gear that you won’t need.

Look for a Climbing Partner

Climbing is more fun with friends. As a new climber, look for a friend who wants to get into the sport with you. You can also find that partner at your climbing gym. If you want to engage in sport climbing, you will certainly need a belay partner.

Join a Climbing Class or Group

If you want to make yourself stick with climbing and be serious about this activity, consider taking a class or joining a group at your gym. Some gyms offer adult, non-competitive climbing teams that meet at certain times every week. Joining these groups may give you access to a coach who will instruct you through a warm-up, climbing drills, footwork drills, and more. Find some options at

Understand the Basics about Grades

Take a few minutes educating yourself about bouldering grades and route grades. This will make it easier for you to navigate the gym and the crag. Also, this will help you understand your skills. However, you do not have to pay close attention to grades. Do not take grades as the only proof of progress. Otherwise, you will not enjoy yourself too much because of your obsession with grades. Just acknowledge and understand the grades; however, do not concentrate on them too much. You can only get most out of your climbing when you focus more on the fun.

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