Five Kinds of Body Treatments you can Have at a Spa

Body treatments are body facials that leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. They are meant to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your body skin. You can get these treatments any time of the year, although they are especially helpful in the colder months because they moisturise your skin when it’s flaky and dry. Below are some of the body treatments you can get at a spa.

Massage Therapy

Massage québec stimulates your muscles manually by applying pressure to various parts of your body. Depending on your chosen spa, you can choose to get a Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, hot stone massage, and others. Usually, it is best to start with a Swedish massage if it is your first time as the pressure applied is light.

Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are exfoliating treatments which occur on a massage table covered with thin piece of plastic and a sheet. The service provider may ask you to remove your clothing or give you disposable underwear to cover parts of your body. The therapist will rub a mix of sea salt, aromatics, and oil into your skin to exfoliate it and leave it feeling fresh and soft. After scrubbing, the therapist will ask you to shower off without soap.

Body Masques

These body treatments involve the application of a skin-clarifying material. But, with a masque, the therapist will apply the material and let it dry partially on your skin to pull out toxins and reduce the appearance of pores. You will then rinse off the material and enjoy a glowing look.

Body Wraps

These body treatments include the application of cleansing ingredients and wrapping your body in hot towels. These can choose to use substances such as mud, seaweed, algae, or clay which absorb toxins from your epidermis. The hot towel offers steam to open up your skin pores and clarify your skin.

Moisturizing Treatments

Sometimes, the therapist may also apply a moisturizing substance to your skin during a treatment. This can include an oil or lotion which is usually applied during a massage or another kind of treatment. The chosen material is meant to let your skin absorb the treatment.

After a body treatment, your skin might be a little tender, especially if it includes a deep body scrub. But, you can shower after a treatment and lathe your body with soap, gently rubbing the washcloth in circles to remove any leftover lotion or dead skin.

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