Five Best Models of Knee Pads in 2019

Knee injuries can occur when practicing any type of sport or in jobs where you must be with your knees supporting your weight on the ground. For this occasion, we will see what are the best knee pads considering price and quality as well as what kind of knee braces there are.

It is difficult to find the best knee brace and it can be confusing when choosing which one will help us most effectively. There are many different brands to choose from and the products are very similar.

To keep this part of our body safer, there are several types of knee pads that will protect us from unnecessary shocks or pressures.

Types of Knee Pads

Which are the best hinged knee braces and what are they good for? They are usually used when there is a patella injury, it makes a superior reinforcement thought for pathologies in adolescents, a lower reinforcement for some more serious disorders and a lateral reinforcement to avoid sudden movements after surgical intervention. Their main characteristic is that they have a hole in the knee cap area which makes them ideal for patella injury recovery.

Closed – they have a compression effect and help maintain the proper temperature in the area of ​​the injury. They are used both in sprain injuries and inflammatory processes, tendonitis or after surgery.

Padded – They serve mainly to protect the knee from blows, they are composed with a pad in the central zone, which provides heat and compression.

Orthopedic knee braces – They are the bulkiest because they have to completely immobilize the knee area, makes movement difficult or nearly impossible. They are prescribed by physiotherapists and it is necessary to have the knee completely at rest for a better recovery.

How to Choose the Best Knee Brace

Comfort as the main goal

Consider how the knee brace fits on the knee. We need something that is comfortable to wear for many hours.


It must have additional support and protection. With small padding, we will not get the proper protection. A solid support pad will have thick padding and cushioning for comfort. It should not be damaged easily because it is supposed to protect the knee without risk.

How often you will use it?

Before buying a knee brace, we must think about what will be its use. So that we are going to use it, for how long, etc.

Top 5 Models in Todays Market:

Vive Hinged Knee Brace

This knee brace is used to do all kinds of exercise and your knees suffer as little as possible. Whether you do fitness, run, jump, do not doubt that this is the best option to prevent injuries to your knees.

It is made of elastic and adjustable material, although it is very comfortable and does not press too much, the manufacturer advises not to wear it for more than three hours and mainly when you are exercising or after doing it.

It is excellent for use in rehabilitation after operation of the patella and meniscus, to relieve pain and promote better blood flow.

This compression knee brace is designed for all grownups, made with the most advanced equipment and quality materials, which makes it very resistant and durable.

Rehband knee brace

Rehband is the best-known brand of compression training equipment. They manufacture all kinds of products, sleeves, knee pads, shoulder straps, and other training tools.

This model offers heat in the joints and compressive support when exercising such as squats, where the knee joints can suffer excessively.

They remain in place while doing any type of exercise, although this is a series in which you have to raise and lower your brace continuously according to the situation.

This brace is manufactured in resistant neoprene without seams which is very durable and very resistant to bruises and wear by use.

A non-slip patella knee brace

Knee brace advised for people who have small lesions on their knees. They can benefit the cure or reduction of pain when the knee is affected by arthritis, meniscal tear, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, some injury or tendonitis.

It fits easily on any knee. Being a non-slip material, no matter how you move or even if you do some exercise, the knee brace will remain in place without moving, which will give you more freedom of movement and comfort.

The design is an open-label to lower the pressure in the knee. It is made of neoprene for medical use which makes it highly breathable.

It is the best price-quality knee brace for people who need to heal from an injury or have rheumatic pains in their knees.

Maximo fitness knee pad

A compression knee brace that everyone loves. They reinforce the knees very nicely while being made of neoprene and very comfortable at the same time. When being made of this material it is possible to think that they might make unexpected moves or that they do not tighten enough, but this is not the case. In fact, the knee brace stays fixed in its place and compresses the knee perfectly.

They are designed mainly for CrossFit but can be worn even for running or hiking because they are comfortable enough not to be a nuisance after several hours.

“The Amotus” economical knee brace

The Amotus knee brace is made of neoprene, the best feature it has is its price, as it gives a lot of play for very little money.

It adapts to the knee without any sensation of itching or irritation. The Amotus is strong and stays very well, but leaves a small mark after removing the knee brace.

Despite being pretty cheap it provides smooth and good support for the knee and it offers great support for weak knees.

It is a very resistant knee brace, made of breathable and strong material. It can be stretched and the fastening is by velcro, this helps so that depending on the size of the knee it can be made bigger and fit well.

There is a hole in the area of ​​the kneecap with padded edges for additional comfort.

With the recent advancements in regenerative medicine, there is a rising demand for Knee Replacement Alternatives and some of these alternatives might even replace surgery completely.

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