Fitness 101: Quick Guide To Finding A Good Sports Bra!

Buying your first sports bra can be confusing. Let’s start by saying that there is no ‘wonder bra’ that will fit one and all. The first obvious step is to know your size. Get a sports bra of your size from one of the known brands, or popular online stores like Framing & Foundation, and you will realize if the product is missing anything. Sports bras are designed to offer support for doing physical activities, and this is one of the must-have accessories for any woman, no matter the kind of fitness form she likes. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on how you can select the right sports bra.

Consider support

If you check any random store for sports bras, you will realize that the word ‘impact’ is being used a lot. This basically refers to the extent of support that the bra provides, and the choices depends on your cup size and the kind of activity you would be indulging in. For simple activities like walking, you just need a low-impact sports bra, while medium-impact sports bras are great for running. If you have bigger breasts or are indulging in extreme physical exercise, you definitely need a high-impact bra. Expectedly, high-impact bras are most expensive of the lot and offer incredible support.

Compression vs. Encapsulation

If you have bigger breasts, you will need what is called an encapsulation bra. These are bras that have individual cups for each breast and are good at offering extra support. Compression bras, as the name suggests, are great for compressing the breasts, and these are best suited for women who have a smaller cup size, like A or B. Encapsulation bras offer more support, so these are more suited for high-impact activities, while compression bras are great for yoga, walking and jogging.

Racerback vs. wide straps

Racerback straps are great when you want more support from your sports bra, and this kind of straps is what you will find in most popular products. The other option is a set of wide straps, which are also great and can be used as an alternative, as long as there is no compromise on the support.

Other things to note

Keep in mind that you have to feel comfortable and at ease in a sports bra, and that’s an aspect that buyers often ignore. Don’t buy bras because you like the design alone. If you are buying online, go for sites like Framing and Foundation that have a wider number of choices. Also, ensure that you are capable of breathing. Do not buy a size that’s too small or your breasts, because you need to allow some movement as you do your exercises. The prices of sports bras depend on the brand, but think of this as an investment and go for the best design that you can find.

Racer-back high-impact bras are ideal for women with bigger cup sizes, while you can consider low-impact ones for your smaller bosom. Shortlist a few options now!

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