Juvederm fillers are used to give your face a fuller and more vibrant look. One of the reasons why this treatment is so popular is because it only takes a couple of minutes for it to get done. If you feel that your lips have been inadequate in some manner and have been looking for ways to make them feel fuller, then Juvederm injectable is the way to go. Hyaluronic acid is the primary substance of this lip injection. It is 70% water, when injected it binds with the naturally present water in your skin, swelling it substantially. Orbiscularisoris is a sophisticated muscular structure which is found around the mouth, allowing extensive movement. The movement of these muscles allows one to form various expressions like smile, frown etc.

Importance of Collagen

Just like everywhere else in the body, collagen is also important in the lips. It is the building block which helps to create the shape of our lips. Collagen helps in the formation of the Vermillion border, which is the outline of the lips that help to distinguish lips from the rest of the face. When you run your fingers over the outer edge of your lips, the slightly raised edge that you can feel is the Vermillion Border. The labium superioris is the row of collagen which connects the top lip to the nose.

The middle of the upper lip which forms the top of the slightly protruding heart is known as the Cupid’s Bow and fits snugly into the bottom lip is known as Labium Inferioris. With this outline, the colour of your lips is most likely to be different than the rest of your skin. Your lips might be pinker, redder or even darker. Once we start to age, the collagen begins to breakdown and its production also slows down, making our lips wrinkled and less defined. With ageing, the vertical lines start to develop making your lips almost disappear but this can be solved through lip augmentation with Juvederm injectable.

What makes lips lose their shape?

Due to age, lips start to thin and lose shape. Just like how the skin starts to develop wrinkles, the lips begin to lose their natural shape and fullness. Our skin comprises of three layers, the outermost layer or the epidermis, the middle layer or the dermis and the innermost layer or the subcutaneous. Each layer contains collagen and elastin which gives our skin the natural ability to stretch and remain plump. Due to ageing, the dermis begins to lose elastin and collagen, making it difficult for enough moisture to reach the epidermis.

How helpful is Juvederm?

Juvederm is one of the most popular methods to make lips youthful again. Once the lips begin to lose their shape, Juvederm helps to restore their plumpness and elasticity through its properties. It contains hyaluronic acid which enhances the fat content of the lips. Regular follow up will help you to maintain your lips.

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