Drinks for Complete THC Detox

It is scary to get notified about an upcoming drug test as a cannabis (marijuana) user. This article will help you attain complete THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) detoxification, so take a chill pill. Whatever the reason for the test may be, your goal will be realized. Some of the reasons for wanting to undergo complete detox include the following:

  • Personal decision
  • Requirement for employment
  • Admission into an educational institution
  • Requests made by law enforcement officers

There are so many THC detox products online promising to give the best results, but some are harmful to the human body or don’t work as expected. During your research, you would need to exercise caution so that you don’t end up having regrets after consuming the product you purchased.

A Little about THC

THC is the major psychoactive component of cannabis. It is a lipid that is known to be pharmacologically active. The substance does not dissolve in water easily, but it is very soluble in most organic solvents such as alcohol and others. THC takes the form of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid in cannabis plants.

The detection of the drug is possible in saliva, blood, urine, and sweat when tested with the use of laboratory techniques (chromatographic and immunoassay combined). In 2003, at the 33rd meeting of the World Health Organization Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, tetrahydrocannabinol was transferred to Schedule IV of the Convention. This was due to the recognition of its medical benefits and minimal abuse potential.

Detoxification Drinks

Detoxification kits can be quite expensive, but their prices aren’t the issue here. Effectiveness and safety is what should be on the mind of every user. The right detox drinks cleanse THC from your body completely, so look up to get in the know. You need to put an end to the constant fear of failing future tests.

These products are very relevant when an individual starts a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) drug rehabilitation program. What they do is to get rid of the substance as fast as possible. Your concern should be to use take the drinks as directed and manage withdrawal symptoms.

The harshness of the withdrawal symptoms will depend on the rate at which you use the drug, the quantity used, and your state of health. Conduct more research on detox kits, especially the drinks. It is also essential to learn about the ingredients used in preparing them. It will be a dangerous not to know enough about the products you are consuming, so learn more about detox kits you can purchase online.

In the market, detoxification kits are also referred to as detox packages or cleanses. Apart from the drinks, they can also consist of pills or tablets (or pills/tablets and drinks combined). Some packages offer substance masking agents which only work for a very short time. These temporary agents are solutions for a quick fix, but are very risky to use.

Keep in mind that some packages may have severe side-effects. Some even consist of chemical compounds that can be tagged as suspicious during a test procedure. The detox packages available in the market use various mechanisms to ensure that marijuana users pass the lab tests.

How Detox Drinks Work

Ever heard of the terms “in vivo adulteration” and “in vitro adulteration”? The former refers to a detox drink that can effect a transformation of chemicals in the urine, while the latter refers to detox drinks that can act on drug toxins in the urine. When a chemical reaction takes place, what happens next will be a production of compounds that cannot be detected in the urine during a test procedure.

Cleanses get rid of THC in your saliva and blood too. Some of the products are made to detoxify your body based on different types of body mass and levels of toxicity.

Play safe by going for cleanses that contain natural ingredients. All-natural varieties should be your preferred choice because they contain nutrients or herbs that are considered safe for your body system (unless in the case of allergic reactions and side-effects). The effectiveness of these all-natural types are heightened if they contained dietary fiber. Some pre-rid tablets and liquid varieties contain dietary fiber. Read more about that here.

Medical Rehabilitation versus DIY Plans

DIY plans are made by those who want to undergo the detox process without the supervision of medical practitioners, while medical rehabilitation requires professional supervision, care, and counselling. Medical rehabilitation entails the supervision of an individual in a special center.

You can get DIY packs from online stores, your local drugstore or a pharmacy. Your simple reason may just be that you wish to handle the cleansing procedure yourself in the comfort of your home. Other reasons may be your budget or for the sake of privacy.

Marijuana in the Bloodstream

It is important to have basic knowledge about how long it takes for the traces of the drug to wear off in the bloodstream and hair. You also need to know how long it will take for the detox drink to erase every trace.

Traces of the substance can stay in the blood for up to a month. The duration is longer in the human hair. The length is determined by the rate at which you use cannabis, the amount, and your biology.

In the bloodstream, THC is hidden by fat cells which are capable of releasing various levels of THC-COOH as time passes. In your urine, the levels are determined by how much can be cleared by the fat cells within a timeframe.

Taking the Drinks before the Test

You should consume lots of water while taking the drink in order to aid the flushing of every trace of marijuana from your fat cells. Get a test kit to conduct a personal test before you go for the scheduled one.

It is advisable to be well fed and hydrated on the day of the test. Hunger and thirst can cause the leakage of THC from the fat cells into your bloodstream. In turn, your urine will be highly concentrated with the substance.

Start the detox program as soon as you get notified about the test. Remember that safety should be your first priority when shopping for the drinks.

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