Define Your Beauty With These Face Procedures

Every woman would love to maintain youthful. But there come the times when cosmetics treatments and creams can’t repair your skin the way you would like to. If you were wondering if there is something more that could make your face younger, there is, but you will need a specialist for those treatments.

Anti-wrinkle treatments

One of the anti-wrinkle treatments is dermal fillers. It is injected under the skin in purpose to fill in deep folds, for example, nasolabial folds, to make fuller lips, cheeks and to take away lines around the eyes. The downside of this treatment is that it lasts from six to twelve months.

Take away the few years from your face

There is one option that can last for several years, and that is the treatment where your fat tissue is extracted from another part of the body into your face, and sometimes it can last for years but, there is a possibility that fat would be resorbed back into the body, and that it won’t stay for long.

This is a non-surgical solution, it is effective, fast and anti-wrinkle treatment Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is the place where you see more benefits and learn more about this procedure. The most common side effects are infection, bruising and allergic reaction, but along your doctor, there is no need to worry.

Eyelid procedure

Eyelids are the part of the body that can make your face tired, older or sad. Many women, but also men are searching for solutions to have younger and refreshed skin around their eyes. The most requested treatment is lower eyelid surgery.

The lower eyelid surgery is treating under-eye bags, excess skin, fine wrinkles and circles under the eyes. The clients for this treatment need to be in good overall health, do not have any serious eye problems, have healthy facial tissue and not to smoke at least some time before and after the procedure.

This procedure will for sure take care of your sagging skin under the eyes, erase some of the fine lines, but it won’t change the entire appearance or structure of the face. So it is important to ask your doctor all the things you want to know and to have realistic expectations.

Give your eyes a new look

The lower eyelid procedure can be performed with general or local anaesthesia, and that is related to the amount of fat that will be removed, the location of it and how tight should be the eyelid. The procedure lasts up to one hour, and at professional lower eyelid surgery Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne you can see how it’s done.

The results are visible right away, and they will improve for some time after the surgery. The procedure is designed to give long-lasting results, but it won’t prevent the ageing process.


For long-lasting results, you have to take more serious steps. With anti-wrinkle injections and lower eyelid surgery, you can make your face younger for years to come.

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