Custom Orthotics Will Improve Your Life

While there are quite a lot of reasons why you might want to visit a podiatrist, one of the most common solutions that they provide for their patients are custom orthotics, which have become quite popular in the past few years, due to increase in quality because of some newly discovered technologies.

How are custom orthotics created?

The process of creating custom orthotics is quite simple, at least from the patient’s perspective. If you happen to visit professional podiatrist Sydney CBD like ModPod Podiatry for example, all you will have to do is place both of your feet in a special solution, so the podiatrist can take your mold, and that is it. After that, all you will have to do and wait for the custom orthotics to go through the manufacturing process.

When it comes to the podiatrists’ side of work, they will have to do some editing on a computer before they can send it to a technician, where the orthotics are going to be created from a couple of different steps as various materials are combined. It takes a couple of days in some cases for the product to be finalized.

Custom orthotics will fit you perfectly

What can orthotics help with?

The main goal of custom orthotics is to relief the patient from all the pain and discomfort that they are experiencing while standing on their feet. One of the most common conditions why people visit the podiatrist for custom orthotics are flat feet, however, they are just one of many conditions treated by custom orthotics.

Can custom orthotics be used on multiple shoes?

Absolutely. One of the benefits when it comes to custom orthotics is that you can use them with any kind of footwear that you want, which makes them a universal purchase. Naturally, there might be some cases where the orthotics will not fit certain shoes perfectly, however, that is also a sign that those shoes are not for you, as they are either too big or too small.

How long do orthotics last?

When it comes to the lifespan of orthotics, it all depends on how much you use them. On average, if you decide to get orthotics from expert podiatry Dee Why like ModPod Podiatry or a similar reputable podiatry center, the orthotics will last you at least a couple of years, since they tend to be created from high-quality materials. Of course, if you are on your feet more than an average person is, their lifespan will be shorter.

Your doctor should walk you through benefits of your new custom orthotics

Final Word

One of the biggest confusions when it comes to custom orthotics, is that they are the exact same thing like orthotics which you can purchase for various conditions at a pharmacy store. That is in fact very far from the truth, as those orthotics are mass produced, and they are not unique for your feet like custom orthotics are, meaning that you are still going to experience some discomfort and pain.

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