Coping With Your Acne When Living In Bangkok

Acne is usually associated with adolescence, but some people are unfortunate to suffer from acne for most of their lives. There can be various causes for acne, such as excessive sebum production, bacteria, and blocked hair follicles, and the severity can differ vastly between people suffering from acne. Although there is not a cure for this skin condition, you can help to control it, and there are various things you can do, such as acne laser treatment in Bangkok. Below are some tips for things you can try that may help with your condition and help you manage your acne when living in Bangkok.

Visit A Reputable Dermatologist

You will first want to visit a reputable dermatologist in Bangkok, and there are many throughout the city you can see. They will be able to assess your condition and work out the primary cause for your acne, and then help you find a way to control and manage your acne. They may suggest you change your skincare routine or think it is best for you to seek other treatments, such as laser acne treatment. The best option for you will depend on your particular skin condition and circumstances, and what works for one person may not be suitable for another.

Establishing An Excellent Skincare Routine

Whether you have laser treatment or anything else, you want to ensure a suitable skincare routine to help reduce and manage your acne. You will want to wash your face in the morning using a gentle foaming cleanser and ensure you clean it thoroughly. You will also need to apply an acne treatment prescribed by your dermatologist to help control the condition’s breakouts and a moisturiser that is not greasy. You will also need to go through a similar evening skincare routine and apply a retinol product before you sleep. It is vital to ensure you stick to your daily routine and use it to help effectively control your acne and prevent a breakout.

Managing Your Acne

You will usually find that the severity of your acne will increase and decrease, and you may notice triggers or warning signs of an imminent outbreak. Finding an effective treatment and skincare routine that will help you control your acne can often be a case of trial and error. Regular visits to your dermatologist will help you handle the condition, and they can also suggest other treatments when what you are doing is not as effective as you would like.

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