Best and Worst Foods for Asthma

Asthma is respiratory medical condition wherein one’s air passage narrows and constricts due to swelling and extra mucus production in the respiratory tract. It causes difficulty in the normal breathing function along with cough and shortness of breath. One may treat it as a minor inconvenience but for some, it can be a major hindrance in the respiratory function. In extreme cases, this respiratory restriction can lead to an asthma attack. The intensity of the asthma varies over the duration of one’s life and it is necessary to get it checked. At such times, a health insurance helps you cover the treatment costs if such an ailment is listed under your health insurance plans.

There is no real link between foods and an asthma attack, but dietary changes can help you in treating asthma at a primary level. There is plenty of evidence that suggests a healthy diet is beneficial.” One may opt to eat fresh and nutritious foods that helps in preventing asthma along with an overall healthy diet. Prevention is always better than cure, so is in the case of asthma where you can prevent an asthma attack rather than availing medical assistance for it later on. However, prevention does not always happen, and thus, for such emergencies, a medical insurance is always better to protect yourself and your loved ones from any sudden financial blow.

Processed foods should be avoided and a well-balanced diet should be preferred. Certain foods have an indirect relationship with triggering asthma as it may cause allergies for some. Foods that contain sulfites which you can find in dried fruits, wine, pickled foods, shrimps and lime juice cause allergies for some. Cabbage, beans, onions, carbonated drinks, garlic and fried foods should be avoided as they cause gases along with artificially added ingredients to foods like preservatives and flavourings found in processed food products all leading to asthma. One must get checked with all the allergy causing foods that can have an impact on their asthmatic condition.

Foodstuffs like apples, help in controlling asthma in the longer run. According to there is 32% lower risk of asthma for the people who consumed apples twice or thrice a week. Vitamin C intake also helps in fight the free radicals. Higher intakes of Vitamin C make it less likely to suffer from asthma found in citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, broccoli and more. To add to it, caffeine intake in helps in improving the air flow by acting as a bronchodilator. Omega-3 and magnesium rich foods too help in keeping asthma in check. To keep a tab, one must visit the doctor and get such asthma condition checked at periodic intervals.

One must also have a backup for health with proper health insurance along with taking special care of their diet. Many medical insurance companies provide a medical checkup facility to help you stay fit and take necessary preventive measures. A good health always helps you in the long run and you must get yourself checked under your mediclaim cover. Most senior citizen health insurance include the facility of preventive health checkups under their health insurance plans. Diet is an essential component to lead a healthy lifestyle along with keeping a check on such an ailment like asthma which may go unnoticed for a long time.

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