7 Crucial Reasons to Get Clean Filtered Water in Your Entire Home

Some parts of the US have a severe problem with fresh drinking water. You might have seen documentaries on the subject in which some US cities like Reno, NV, Fresno, CA, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, and others.

It’s easy to find out if you live in an area in which it’s not recommended to use the tap water. All the information is available on the internet.

Why is tap water polluted?

There are many reasons for the pollution of the system. Sometimes it’s the factories in the area that pollute the natural springs through which cities get the drinking water, and other times, the reason is the pipes that are old and obsolete.

Some might ask – why the city officials don’t change these pipes. In some cities, this is the case, but in others, this is simply impossible. These projects require billions of dollars and will make life in the cities impossible for a long time.

Until a solution is found, it’s best to use some of the alternatives we have at the moment. The best one is getting a filtration system that will give clean, filtered water throughout the house. If you’re not convinced that this is the best solution, just take a look at the seven crucial reasons why you need it!

1. The funny taste and smell of tap water is gone

You have surely noticed that there’s a huge difference between the bottles you’re buying and the water coming out of your faucet. The faucet provides a liquid that has a funny smell and often the taste is not pleasant.

Water needs to be odorless and has no taste. If you can feel anything, then this is not a quality H2O.

When you install a filtration system, it using the same city system and the pipes that you used to use, but the filter is managing the bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and all the other negative products that are in the pipes, and are harmful to humans.

The smell and taste come from these things. If you manage to filter them out and leave them behind, then you’re getting a great product. If you only get an odorless and tasteless product in your home, then you’re doing a perfect job providing for yourself and your family.

2. There are no contaminants whatsoever

There are many different filtration systems out there. Some are capable of removing some ingredients, while others are better for something else. It is wise to inspect the contaminants inside the system, and based on these findings, you should be looking for the appropriate filtration.

Of course, there are those that will fix everything, but in most cases, there’s no need for spending a ton of money on something that you might not need.

For example, if there’s a lot of chlorine, as some cities have a problem with it, you can choose a filter that will solve this problem only. With it, the filter will get rid of sediments and other volatile organic compounds.

3. It is more affordable than buying bottles

Can you make a calculation of how many bottles of water you’ve bought in your life? It must have been tons of it. Imagine if you didn’t have to pay for this. There’s a much better solution than buying bottles.

The filter you’re about to install is being paid once. After this, you don’t do anything else. It’s a one-time investment, and you don’t have to worry about anything else afterward.

This is a much more affordable way to get fresh, drinkable water at all times, instead of spending a ton of money on it. Not to mention that it is a lot more convenient to have a drinking solution whenever you feel like turning on the faucet.

The average spending for it is $100 per person, per year in the American household. So, let’s say that you are a family of four. You spend around $400 every year on bottles. There is a better way than this, and it’s called filtration.

4. Helps with saving the environment

When you spend $100 on bottles, you can expect to have a lot of bottles in your home. These need to go somewhere in the trash once you’re done. It doesn’t matter if you’re recycling or not, this plastic needs to go somewhere.

It is polluting the environment in any case. You probably know that plastic isn’t disintegrating for 1,000 years. That’s twice as long as the time America was first settled. See more about this fact on the link.

Another issue is the way the bottles are filled. It takes a lot of energy to be spent on these bottles to be filled with liquid. It is something we can avoid. There’s no need to spend so much energy on it. Electricity, gas, and other components are destroying the environment, and there’s no need for something like this. There’s a better solution – filtration.

5. You get to do the testing

You can take a sample to the lab at all times and inspect what’s in the water you’re drinking every day through your faucets. You will not be happy with the results, though. There are all kinds of things that are not safe for you.

This is why people buy bottled water. The labels on the side claim that this liquid has gone through a lot of research, inspections, and filtration. However, it’s important to know that the company’s manufacturing them are going to do just enough to make it safer than tap water.

Instead, you can install your own home system and know what’s inside your water at all times. If you install a system that is going to take all the negative components inside, then you can be sure that you’re enjoying a top-notch product.

You can take a sample the first time you install it and start using it. You’ll immediately notice a difference. The list of chemicals will surprise you. You’ll get stunned by the fact of how many chemicals you’ve been drinking in the past.

6. It is much better for your body and skin

Aside from having it fresh and drinkable, you also get to have a product that acts as a lotion. Millions of people struggle with skin and body problems because they consume and shower with water that has poor quality.

Not all people are the same. Some are more sensitive to the compounds in what there already is. If you manage to get rid of these things, and you’re sensitive to the standard tap water, you’ll immediately see a difference.

Your skin will become less irritated, some of the problems will disappear, and you’ll feel much better, confident, and happy.

7. Makes your metabolism way better than regular water

It’s proven that metabolism is deeply connected to water intake. The more you drink, the better metabolism you’ll have. See more about this on the link:

At the same time, some of the juices you’re drinking are 99% water. However, their role in achieving better metabolism is reversed. It gets worse if you drink them.

It’s similar to water that has poor quality. Our bodies need to clean pure water without chemicals and add-ons. Unfortunately, we rarely get to drink it. If we install the system for purification, you can be sure that you’re doing the best you can for having a healthier body.


Filtering the water is obviously a great thing to do if you want to enjoy some pure drinkable H2O. There’s much more than these chemical components in the one we use daily. Making sure there are fewer negative ones is an obligation for every one of us. Install the filtration system, and make sure you don’t drink anything unwanted ever again.

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