3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rehab Facility

Admitting you need help is a major step towards advancement. We are raised on a constant desire to prove our abilities to impress others by staying independent by all means, right from walking to buying clothes. But when it comes to overcoming a substance abuse, this cannot be handled alone. Hence, you need to enroll yourself into a faith based program that have strong religious convictions. It will help you in feeling safe and protected. These beliefs are also a solid base that helps you in staying strong in the entire program. So, we have gathered some factors you should consider before choosing a rehab facility.

  1. Staff and accreditation

We accept and welcome addicts of all ages. We have a range of programs like rehab programs, any recovery program for help for troubled youth, among recovery from various mental issues as well. We also provide vocational training to young boys. Our programs use integrated recovery elements like:

  1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  2. Neurocognitive Therapy
  3. Behavior Modification Training
  4. Comprehensive Life Planning
  5. Health and Wellness Program
  6. Recovery Life Coaching

When it comes to seeking a Christian rehab center, ensure that the programs are backed by scientific methods which guarantees success. Your perfect Christian program should be based on proof based methods and on Christian principles as well.

  1. Nature of the program

It should also entail same general framework that other conventional facility provides. It entails the following:

  • Initial assessment: mental and physical evaluation in order to ascertain the program needed for your recovery.
  • Detoxification: the patient is provided the meds to fade the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms and keeping the health complications at bay.

  • Treatment: you may also be needed to attend the face to face sessions, behavioral therapies and group counseling. The gist is to seek the thought patterns that led to addiction.
  • Aftercare programs: these are designed in order to monitor your status post recovery and keep the relapse at bay. Every Christian center has aftercare programs on the basis of the 12 step program, group sessions or outpatient treatment. Hence, never miss a session.
  • Convenience

Your peace of mind and convenience are topmost priority when it comes to recovery. Feeling distressed on a constant basis will render you alcoholic or an addict. Hence, make sure the facility is comfortable enough. Check if they have all amenities you need. You need to consider these factor when choosing a Christian rehab center.

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